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How to preserve your blow-out for the party tomorrow? Twisting your hair into a top knot before going to bed will preserve your blow-out and retain the curl formation.

HAIR care

People often forget that hair is an extension of the body and is just as important as your skin and bones! Whatever you put into your body will have an effect on your hair, so make sure you're eating lots of fruits and vegetables and drinking 2-3 liters of water. Alcohol can dehydrate the hair and leave it looking lank and dull so it's best in moderation! Adding a zinc supplement to your diet will also boost the strength and thickness of your hair. Eggs are great for healthy hair. Their iron content can prevent hair loss, while sulphur battles brittle hair and B vitamins help you deal with stress. Have one every day, anyway but fried!

For enviable, lustrous crowning glory here are a few tips you need to keep in mind...


While oiling your hair, restrict it to your scalp only as it gives nourishment only to your scalp.

If you have oiled your hair, make sure it doesn't stay on your hair for more than one night. Your scalp needs to breath but the oil, along with the dirt and grime tends to clog the pores. This is an ideal situation for the bacteria to grow on your scalp, causing problems such as dandruff, hair fall, etc. 


Never use hot water to wash your hair as it will make the hair rough and dry eventually.

Using conditioners and serums

Using hair conditioners and serums are a good way to tame dry and rough hair. To your hair care routine, include wrapping a hot towel on your head post conditioning it. This will keep your hair manageable.

Keep yourself hydrated

Moisture is what you need, because it is lost easily. Cosmetologist Dr Rashmi Shetty says, "Drink a lot of water. It will give the much needed moisture to your hair. If you put a teaspoon of cod liver oil in your juices in the morning, eventually you will see a marked difference in your skin and hair."


Your daily stress levels are bound to rise if you have a hectic lifestyle, and it won't be long before this stress starts to show up on your skin and hair. Finding time in your busy schedule to pamper yourself and tend to your appearances may be somewhat of a challenge but it is important. Besides following a regime for hair care, it is important to take some time out and meditate or just sit with your eyes closed for 10- 15 minutes every day to de-stress. You could pray or do pranayam, anything which helps you relax.


Many women have asked us how often should they do a haircut! A good haircut can stay reasonably wearable for two to three months.

Many women believe regular haircuts slow down hair growth, and that simply isn’t true. Hair growth is determined by age, genetics, maternity and health. While a haircut doesn’t determine hair growth, it does aid in having healthy hair. If one doesn’t get regular haircuts, the strands split up at the ends. A good amount of hair will have to be cut off for removing those split-ends. Regular haircuts or trims will help keep the style in place and keep the hair healthy and split-ends free.


Moisturize your hands and feet using a vitamin E or C based moisturizer every night. It will leave your skin baby soft next morning! You can also use pure almond oil mixed with honey as a luxurious home-made treat.


Piercings have always been cool. But to take care of a new piercing can be a nightmare. Here, we give you simple tips on how to ensure that your new piercing does not give you trouble and heals quickly.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with an antiseptic soap or lotion every time you touch the piercing.
  • Take some antiseptic cream on a spoon, melt it for two seconds over a flame, and apply it on the piercing.
  • Rotate the stud, but only when it is wet and with a cream.
  • Use soap and water to clean the wound.
  • If there is swelling, apply ice over the piercing.
  • While removing the crust, do not pick at it. Apply lotion on it and let it heal by itself.
  • Don't over-clean. Cleaning it twice a day is more than enough.
  • Don't play with the stud. Give it time to heal.
  • Take care to not hurt your piercing in any way.
  • Wait for the piercing to heal properly before changing the stud ring.


Do not use chemicals on hair for at least a month before colouring. Also avoid heat-styling. This ensures strong hair that colours better and stays longer. After colouring, wait at least 48 hours before the next shampoo, so the colour has time to set in. Then onwards, shampoo hair only twice a week.


A herbal way to cure hair loss is with the use of onion juice. Onion juice can treat hair loss and can even promote a good hair growth.

The high sulphur content in onion boosts the circulation of blood and plays a significant role in the promotion of collagen.

Collagen is responsible for the growth of the hair. Onion juice strengthens the roots of the hair and also possesses antimicrobial property that treats hair loss and scalp-related infections.

Onion juice is also widely used to treat dandruff. It is found very effective in combating dandruff too.

Hence, there are several ways you can use onion juice. Here, we are listing out some of the ways to use onion juice for the treatment of hair loss and dandruff. Take a look:

Onion Juice And Honey: A mixture of onion juice and honey is a best treatment to remove dandruff and combat hair fall. It accelerates the growth of the hair and promotes regrowth. Mix equal quantities of onion juice and honey. Apply this mixture on to the hair. Leave it on for an hour and later rinse.

Onion Juice And Almond Oil: Almond oil is an essential oil that is known to add shine to the tresses. When mixed with onion juice, it helps fight hair loss. This mixture strengthens the hair follicles and promotes a good hair growth.

Onion Juice And Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a commonly used hair oil to combat hair loss. This oil can be mixed with onion juice to stop hair loss and promote hair growth. Add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to one tablespoon of onion juice. Apply this mixture on to the hair and rinse thoroughly after sometime.

Onion Juice And Olive Oil: Olive oil and onion juice is a perfect combination to treat hair loss. Mix olive oil with onion juice. Apply this mixture on to the scalp. Leave it on for a while and later rinse thoroughly using a mild shampoo.

Onion Juice And Warm Water: Onion juice can also be mixed with warm water to treat hair problems. Mix onion juice with a sufficient amount of warm water. Use this mixture as a final rinse after shampooing and you'll notice the difference in a month.


After using the shampoo, people always condition their hair too to restore the moisture in them and to make them smooth and silky. But a common mistake made here is that they tend to use the conditioner all over their hair and scalp. Note that a conditioner is only supposed to be rubbed in the hair and NOT on the scalp!


Among a lot of reasons for acne, dandruff is one of the most common.  Apply a good anti- dandruff shampoo at least twice a week on your hair, and make sure you wash all the affected areas like scalp, ears, face, etc.  A hot oil massage once a week can help reduce the problem of pimples caused by dry scalp dandruff. It keeps the scalp healthy and improves the blood circulation to the scalp.

Here are some home remedies to cure acne!

Lemon juice: Take a slice of lemon, rub it on the face and leave it for a few minutes. Then rinse your face.

Aloe vera juice: The medicinal properties of aloe vera can treat acne. Apply aloe Vera juice on affected area twice daily.

Neem: Neem has fungicidal properties hence, it is very effective in treating acne. Make a paste of neem leaves by adding small amount of water. Apply it on the affected areas.

Honey: Honey has both antiseptic and moisturising properties. Apply honey on the affected skin for half an hour. Then try to first rinse the honey off with warm water first, followed by cold water so that pores get closed.

Orange peel: Vitamin C in orange is good for treating acne. Take orange peel and allow it to dry under sun, then grind it into powder form. Add water to the powder, mixing it into a paste. Apply it on the face and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wash it off.

Grapes: Take fresh chilled grapes, cut in half and then rub it on your skin, and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes then wash your face.


Bald is in!

While earlier men used to be conscious about being bald or balding — some of them even resorting to wearing wigs — of late, many have embraced the look and are even seen rocking it.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when styling a bald head:

If you are balding and are confident enough to sport a bald head, go ahead and shave the rest of your hair off. The shape of one's head makes a difference — oval-shaped heads usually look the best bald.

If you're balding, always maintain a clean-shaved head. Shave your head regularly, maybe once a week. Use an electric razor, and if you can't do it yourself, get someone to help you or visit a salon.

When you sport a bald head, make sure it is always shining. There are a lot of hair products available in the market now — like moisturizing gel — so make use of them.

Contrary to popular belief, you can wear any outfit and rock it when sporting a bald look. So go ahead and experiment with your wardrobe.

You can also try body art, and even get a tattoo on your head. But you should be absolutely sure about what you want to sport, since a tattoo is permanent.

You can also opt for a headgear for a stylized look. Try a fedora hat while you are attending a formal occasion and a cap for casual ones.

You may also want to get your ears pierced as studs definitely go well with the bald look, especially if they are diamond studs.


One of the most important things while growing a beard is patience. You will have to resist the urge to keep trimming it while growing a beard. Once the hair has grown evenly, you can choose your style.

Another important step in maintaining a beard is to ensure hygiene. And the best way to ensure hygiene is by regular scrubbing. While there are several beard scrubs available in the market, home scrubs such as honey and sugar or curd and sugar can also be used. You must scrub the beard before the sugar melts. These scrubs also ensure that your beard and skin below the beard are properly moisturised.

You must regularly wash your beard with a mild shampoo. After washing the beard, it should be patted dry with a towel. A hair dryer can also be used to ensure that the beard is completely dry and doesn’t stink. Use the dryer on the coolest setting to prevent possible drying out, which could damage the beard.

Shampooing and conditioning is a must. A leave-in conditioner can also be used but make sure whatever leave-in product has been used is washed off before you sleep. Otherwise it can irritate the skin.

Comb your beard regularly. Generally, shisham wood is recommended for beard combing. It is regarded as an excellent skin-cleansing tool and is the best for grooming and growing beard.

Many a times, the beard becomes uneven, tangled and curly, which spoils the entire look. Regular trimming helps in maintaining the chosen shape. The most practical thing to do would be to do the day-to-day trimming yourself and visit the salon at specific intervals.