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The future of Keratin Treatments is here to tame your precious tresses! Introducing Cysteine Complex, the intense smoothing system containing 0% Formaldehyde and no artificial chemicals. Go from the girl-next-door image to captivating & chic with glossy, soft & frizz-free hair that puts you in the spotlight. 

Cysteine Complex works in synergy with hair's existing proteins to restructure, soften, and release curls from hair. It penetrates inside the hair shaft delivering important conditioning and moisturizing benefits, which improves the overall strength of the hair, making it soft and shiny and restoring hair to its healthy state.

Cysteine has many antioxidant properties and when bonded to the hair shaft it promotes increased stability and strength of the hair. It contains no artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals which would affect the health of the hairdressers or their clients.


• Contains only the finest botanical ingredients and pure proteins. No artificial ingredients or harmful ingredients used that affect the health

• Reduces frizz in the hair, giving a natural smooth look to the hair with brilliant shine and softness

• Works excellent on hair damaged by chemical treatments, frequent use of hot styling tools and overexposure to sun

• Makes hair more manageable by providing intense conditioning and moisturizing and improving the overall quality and texture of hair

• This treatment starts to gradually fade away from the hair over time and no line of demarcation is seen as new hair grows out


• The Cysteine Complex Treatment is not a permanent straightening or rebonding product. It improves the texture of the hair and eliminates frizz from it, while adding strength and shine to the hair and giving the hair a smoothened look. The treatment gradually fades away from the hair.

• The use of a Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is mandatory after the Cysteine Complex Treatment is performed, as sulfates tend to strip the treatment from the hair much quicker.

• Shampooing the hair daily, could cause the treatment to fade quickly and hence it is recommended to shampoo the hair only twice a week.

• The use of Henna or Metallic Dyes before or after the Cysteine Complex Treatment is not recommended

• Any chemical service such as highlighting, coloring or rebonding is recommended prior to the service. Doing a chemical service after doing the Cysteine Complex Treatment may cause the treatment to strip out of the hair

• Oiling the hair would create a build up in the hair and hence it is advised to restrict from frequently oiling the hair

• Swimming is not recommended after the Cysteine Complex Treatment is performed as the chlorine in the water would cause the treatment to fade away faster. If one decides to go swimming, then it would be advisable to apply KerAcaito protect the treated hair.


Flaunt smooth and straight hair without compromising on its health with the L'Oréal Professionnel's X-Tenso Oleoshape.

After 10 years of research L’Oréal Professionnel unveils its new patented innovation; XTenso Oleoshape, which combines the power of three nourishing oils; sweet almond, cotton seed and rice.

XTenso Oleoshape allows you to straighten your hair with no compromise, on all hair types, from sensitized to extra resistant, with low odour, thanks to a new thio trapping base, long lasting result with a powerful thio complex and intense care with the oil-trio.

Hair trends may come and go but if there's one style that is evergreen and classic, it's straight hair. That sleek, shiny, frizz-free finish has been the desire of many women, and if you're one of them, it's time you experience the all new X-Tenso Oleoshape, the in-salon permanent straightening experience by L'Oréal Professionnel.

X-Tenso Oleoshape has a breakthrough formulation that not only straightens the most resilient hair, but also provides unmatched care. It contains the powerful Thio Complex and also has a low odour innovation, which makes the experience gentle and pleasant not just for clients but for hairdressers as well. It also contains the Oil Trio, a blend of sweet almond, cotton seed and rice oil and cationic actives which nourish and strengthen the hair fibre while reducing frizz and straightening wavy or curly hair types.

With two variants in Resistant and Extra Resistant, X-Tenso Oleoshape straightening services have been created for a sensorial experience like no other with hair that is beautifully straight and has incredible sleek shine.

Use the right after care products at home to ensure that the results of the treatment last longer on your hair. L’Oreal Professionnel’sExtenso Care range, which includes a shampoo.masque and serum, is the best bet. Powered with Pro-Keratin and Incell technology, it offers anti-breakage, anti-dryness and hydrating benefits. The range ensures long lasting treated hair with a beautiful mirror-like shine.

Use the right after care products at home to ensure that the results of the treatment last longer on your hair. L’Oreal Professionnel’s Extenso Care range, which includes a shampoo. masque and serum, is the best bet. Powered with Pro-Keratin and Incell technology, it offers anti-breakage, anti-dryness and hydrating benefits. The range ensures long lasting treated hair with a beautiful mirror-like shine.


SmartBond is a breakthrough bond strengthening treatment that protects hair bonds and strengthens the hair during technical services such as bleaching and colouring.

Damage protection, is one of the top concerns of women who undergo haircolor and lightening services. While today’s women don’t hesitate to experiment with beauty, they do wish they could experiment without having to compromise the health of their locks.

L'Oréal Professionnel introduces Smartbond, the haircare treatment that protects the hair and strengthens the hair fiber during the coloring or lightening process. According to the brand, Smartbond’s efficacy comes from its unique development. It was tried and tested by 700 hairdressers worldwide and co-developed by 11 L'Oréal Professionnel hairstylists, including respected US industry stylists: Johnny Ramirez, Jason Backe and Lena Ott.

Smartbond is the professional, trusted and proven treatment to achieve softer, shinier, healthier hair no matter how extreme of a color or lightening transformation. The end result is an enhanced technical in-salon service for the client that is continued at home with the at-home treatment. “With Smartbond, hair no longer has to be compromised during any color or lightening services we do at the salon,” says Jason Backe, L’Oréal Professionnel Artist and Co-Owner/Colorist at Ted Gibson Salon. “Smartbond provides my clients the best hair they can achieve with any color services I give them.”

L'Oréal Professionnel International Hairstylist and founder of Lived-In Color, Johnny Ramirez agrees. “Women come to see me and expect to be in the chair for hours to get that Lived-In Color. They leave loving their haircolor, but now they leave loving both their haircolor and the feel and shine of their hair, making it even more worthy of that process they sit through with me. Smartbond is the perfect complement to my “Lived-In” style. It keeps the color experience effortless for my clients without having to worry about damage.”


It is important to shampoo your hair prior to a haircut for hygienic reasons. Shampooing removes dust, dirt, dead skin cells, hair oil or any other hair product you may have put into your hair. Moreover, shampooing makes the hair soft and you can enjoy a smooth haircut!


An express hair pampering service which includes a quick wash using L’Oreal Mythic Oil Shampoo and blow-dried and finished with L’Oreal Mythic Oil Rich Oil to give you luscious shiny hair with a satin-like finish.


This is a very quick and effective treatment for lightening facial hair. It can be used across all age groups and is widely used by people of various complexions, since its lightening effect is similar to that achieved by hair removal.

It is a complete bleaching system for skin lightening which is free of any irritation. In short, it is a painless method to make you look lighter within minutes. 

Skin Type: All skin types including sensitive skin 

Some of its outstanding features are:

1. It lightens facial hair.

2. It retains moisture and reduces irritation by increasing the moisture content on the epidermis 

3. It contains powerful anti-oxidants and anti-irritants that protects the skin and shields it from allergic reactions. 


A unique bleach treatment with gold collagenin peptides that lightens facial hair and skin. It comes in an easy to use kit containing a pre bleach lotion, bleach cream and activator and a post bleach lotion.

Skin Type: All skin types including sensitive skin

Some of its outstanding features are:

1. It lightens facial hair.

2. It moisturizes, soothes and lightens facial hair and skin

3. Its actives include Aloe Vera to reduce inflammation and Meadowfoamate that absorbs and retains moisture.

4. The activator contains Ammonium Persulphate, that is a gentle oxidizing agent and Tetrapeptide-14 to alleviate redness. It also calms and soothes skin.

5. The post bleach application gives a radiant gold glow to the skin, while Sodium Hyaluronate enhances nutrient absorption and Golden Collagenin Peptide improves skin tone and firmness.

6. The bleach is very safe and has no side effects when used as advised.


Our feet take a beating every time we step out and they deserve to be pampered. A good Pedicure can make your feet supple and ready for your favorite sandals! Pedicure can also prevent dead skin build-up and flakiness around the toes. Other advantages of pedicure are; it reduces stress, improves blood circulation throughout the body, rejuvenates the entire system, increases energy levels, breaks up blockages affecting the flow of energy, relieves common aches and pains, contributes to the overall well-being of the body, mind and soul, clears toxins and helps in weight loss and last but not least; stimulates the 7000 nerves in the feet!


Wanna take 10 years off your face? Go for a new haircut and a fresh, vibrant hair colour! Besides losing weight and changing your wardrobe, a clever haircut and colour can make you look younger, make your face look slimmer and proportionate and give you a big boost of confidence. The great thing about colour is that it is reversible thereby giving you the opportunity to try out something new without a long time commitment.


Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for four to six weeks, although some people will start to see regrowth in only a week due to some of their hair being on a different growth cycle. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face, pubic area (called bikini waxing), legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet. There are many types of waxing suitable for removing unwanted hair.

Strip waxing (soft wax) is accomplished by spreading a wax thinly over the skin. A cloth or paper strip is applied and pressed firmly, adhering the strip to the wax and the wax to the skin. The strip is then quickly ripped against the direction of hair growth, as parallel as possible to the skin to avoid trauma to the skin (i.e., bruising, broken capillaries, ingrown hairs caused by hair follicle trauma and lifting of skin). This removes the wax along with the hair.

Strip-less wax (as opposed to strip wax), also referred to as hard wax, is applied somewhat thickly and with no cloth or paper strips. The wax then hardens when it cools, thus allowing the easy removal by a therapist without the aid of cloths. This waxing method is very beneficial to people who have sensitive skin. Strip-less wax does not adhere to the skin as much as strip wax does, thus making it a good option for sensitive skin as finer hairs are more easily removed because the hard wax encapsulates the hair as it hardens. The strip-less waxing method can also be less painful.

There are many benefits to waxing versus other forms of hair removal. It is an effective method to remove large amounts of hair at one time. It is a long-lasting method. Hair in waxed areas will not grow back for two to eight weeks. When hair is shaved or removed by depilatory cream, the hair is removed at the surface rather than the root. Within a few days, the hair can be seen at the surface. With these methods, hair tends to grow back AS rough stubbles. Areas that are repeatedly waxed over long periods of time often exhibit regrowth that is softer.


BIOSOFT’s range of premium Italian waxing solutions offer a distinct blend of nature’s goodness and scientific research. Featuring epilation methods superior to traditional methods of waxing combined with sophisticated product formulation, all Biosoft products work in synergy to give you an experience that is unique in its own right. Ensuring the integrity of the skin is uncompromised, there is reduced inflammation, redness and downtime compared to traditional methods, making painful waxing a thing of the past. With a philosophy, that encapsulates not just the removal of hair, but an enjoyable and indulgent depilation, BIOSOFT promises to deliver a sensory experience that will caress your senses.


Enriched with Argan oil extracts and natural aromas, the Argan wax by BIOSOFT nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, and provides for an enhanced sensory experience.


The Pearl crème wax, with it’s silk like texture and smoothening properties, ensures that you experience a shimmering, luxurious, and velvety depilatory experience.


Embellished with Aloe Vera extracts, BIOSOFT’s natural crème wax does not only remove hair in a soothing fashion, but also moisturises and smoothens the skin.


Embedded with hydrating and rejuvenating properties, BIOSOFTS’s brown chocolate crème wax, with its exotic aroma and colour, takes away the fine and underlined hair, hence making the skin supple and providing for a smooth and luxurious depilatory experience.


Refined with the added benefits of a low operating temperature, and improved adhesive qualities, the Banana crème wax is suitable for all skin types and allows for a thin layer of application, thus providing for extra comfort during depilation.


The Pink Sensitive crème wax from BIOSOFT has a smooth and creamy texture that is ideal for sensitive skin. With soothing qualities and a low operating temperature, the pink crème wax makes the skin supple and assists in the removal of fine hair.


Rooted with anti-aging attributes and the ability to repair skin damage, the BIOSOFT Gold crème wax, with its super fine texture, helps achieve a smooth and efficient depilation.


With characteristics that keep the skin glowing from the inside, the green apple liposoluble wax has hydrating properties that efficiently removes body and facial hair, and is suitable for all skin types.


The ill-effects of stress are often manifested first in our hair. Pollution, sunlight, dust and other harsh irritants make our hair dull, dry and prone to breakage and hair fall. Hair spa is the perfect therapy for tired, stressed and distressed hair. A professional hair spa treatment brings hair back to life and health. It is an essential luxury that your hair truly deserves! Hair Spa is the perfect solution to de-stress the tresses. Our highly relaxing Hair Spa services deeply nourish and cleanse the scalp and hair. Every Hair Spa service is accompanied with a massage which stimulates blood circulation, re-hydrates the scalp, promotes hair growth and makes hair stronger.


Today’s fast moving generation is after two things; personalization and quick results. Keeping these two things in mind, L’Oreal presents an expert hair care treatment that is tailor-made to your needs, Powermix!

Powermix is an effective hair and scalp treatment that uses cutting-edge technology with highly concentrated active ingredients. Indulge yourself in the 45-minute treatment featuring a relaxing and rejuvenating scalp massage! Comprising a nourishing gel masque freshly mixed right in front of you, the Serie Expert Powermix treatment will leave your tresses feeling healthy, soft and smooth.

Be it frizz control, hair strength or damage repair, Powemix treatment has got you covered.

Try this treatment all by itself or pair it with a haircut and blowdry. Either way, make sure you give it a go at your next hair appointment to experience nourished hair like never befer!


L’Oreal Professionnel’s new range of Hair Spas is now infused with the soothing and calming Water Lily, to give you an even more relaxing and restorative experience. Known for its hydrating and therapeutic properties, Water lily helps relieve pressure, for a soothing experience. L’Oreal Professionnel’s hair spa infused with water lily will help heal your hair from root to tip, so that your hair will look beautiful inside and out.

Further to enhance the endeavor of purity, L’Oreal Professionnel’s Hair Spa introduces its detox range. The perfect way to cleanse the scalp and hair of impurities, from dandruff flakes to excess oil. The range is enriched with tea tree oil, which is known to fight infections and soothe skin irritation. The combination of tea tree oil along with the signature hair spa massage results in a cleansed, relaxed and rejuvenated scalp with deeply nourished hair.

The therapeutic Hair Spa services are based on two Sensory Spa System of (1) Purify & Nourish, and (2) Treat, to ensure that you get the treatment suited to your specific hair and scalp condition. The signature Hair Spa Massage makes the experience even more special so you can pamper your hair. With new therapeutic Services added to the Hair Spa service suite, your Hair Spa experience is highly personalized to suit your hair and scalp type.


This hairspa gives your scalp the care and treatment it needs, be it anti-dandruff, stimulating or hydration and pamper your hair with personalized deep treatments ranging from deep nourishment, smoothing, repair or vitalizing.


An all new clay based spa service enriched with tea-tree oil created especially to detoxify your hair that helps soothe your scalp and hair by removing dandruff flakes, excess oil and unnecessary odour, leaving your hair smelling fresh and delightful.


A quick spa that nourishes your hair and scalp with the Extra-Nutritive Olive Oil, coupled with a fragrant cleansing experience.


Especially created for very dry and frizzy hair, this service gives your hair intensive conditioning along with personalised hair and scalp treatments.

What’s exciting is you pamper your hair at home, before your next Hair Spa experience! Immerse yourself in a deep nourishing experience with the all new, Hair Spa Deep Nourishing range available in a shampoo and conditioner. Also available for your personal use is the all new Detoxyifing shampoo and conditioner that helps free your hair from dandruff flakes, excess oil and unwanted odour leaving your hair fresh and rejuvenated. So go ahead and give your hair a therapeutic treat at home in between your in-salon Hair Spa services.


With a high concentration of natural oils, the new Mythic Oil Hair Spa gives stunning shine and deep nourishment, making your hair look magnificent! Fit for royalty, Mythic Oil Hair Spa is a truly sensorial experience.

The unprecedented efficacy of the new Mythic Oil Hair Spa is a result of the potent combination of Argan Oil with other natural oils. Known as ‘liquid gold’, Argan Oil is sourced exclusively from Morocco. It is known to boost the vitality of hair making it softer, silkier and shinier. An anti-oxidant, high in Vitamin E content, it is absorbed very easily by hair and skin.

Mythic Oil Hair Spa is a deeply nourishing ritual, specially designed for repairing extremely dry and damaged hair. It gently treats the scalp and helps protect hair against frizz and also illuminates it.

The procedure:

1. Huile Initiale (Pre-shampoo) is applied and massaged into scalp & hair gently for about 10-15 minutes. Huile Initiale is highly concentrated in active natural oils. It infuses the right dose of nutrition into thick hair.

2. Hair is washed with the Mythic Oil Shampoo. Enriched with Argan Oil and Mythic Extract, this nourishing shampoo generously foams while gently cleansing the scalp & hair.

3. Emulsion Ultrafine (Detangler & Pre-masque) is applied and emulsified section by section. It is designed to provide light nutrition to fine-normal hair. it gives hair nourishment and fluid bounce.

4. Mythic Oil masque is applied generously through the lengths to ends and emulsified. With a high concentration of Argan Oil and Myrrh Extract, this rich masque deeply nourishes and disciplines hair. It is kept for about 5 minutes after application and then rinsed thoroughly with plain water.

5. Hair is blow dried and the ritual is finished with the application of Rich Oil. Hair can be styled as required.

Don't forget to buy the Mythic Oil Rich Oil and Mythic Oil shampoo for home care. The Mythic Oil Rich Oil is a versatile oil like no other! Try it before you shampoo, to give you that deep nourishment! Use it as a styling product for that legendary look with a magical shine or overnight for intensive nourishment. Rich Oil is a perfect blend of the most potent oils in nature; Argan oil from the magical argan tree or “tree of life” and rice bran oil. This versatile oil is immediately absorbed for a light weight feel, leaving the hair looking deeply illuminated and magical nourishment. This Oil is sure to be your mane-favourite!

(Cracked Heel and Callused Feet Treatment)

The new Cheryl’s HeelPeel Professional Treatment effectively repairs painful calluses and cracks, revealing soft and pampered feet in just 20 minutes!

Backed with scientifically-proven herbal actives and bio-technological ingredients in the purest form, Cheryl’s skin solutions provide professional procedures to optimize the health and beauty of skin. With this new innovation in foot care with HeelPeel, Cheryl’s has taken a step further to ensure your feet are not compromised and receive the treatment they require. The treatment smoothens, softens, moisturizes and polishes skin giving it a rejuvenated look and feel.

Treatment Objective: Cheryl’s HeelPeel is a revolutionary, hygienic and scientific foot care therapy that eliminates callused skin and cracked heels in 20 minutes flat. Bid goodbye to painful scraping with razor blades that can cause injury. Say hello to healthy, moisturized feet that are as soft as a petal.

Recommended For: Dry feet with cracked and callused heels.

Contraindications: Not to be done on feet with wounds, open sores and diabetics.

Frequency of Treatment: Once a month