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Here are some rules you must keep in mind, when you visit a salon.

Have patience.

Beauticians around the world say that normally what lacks in people when they visit a salon is patience. You will often find a customer entering the salon in a jiffy and then hurrying up the staff to do his/her treatment. A salon is a place which provides holistic treatment and thus it requires time. It is always advisable to come with time in hand so that you can enjoy your treatment. If you arrive at a salon without an appointment, patiently wait for your turn, instead of pressurising the salon staff. A salon usually does not turn down a customer and tries their best to accommodate, until and unless all the time slots are booked. 

Book in advance.

To avoid any last minute hassles, schedule an appointment well in time. These days, almost all salons across the city accept bookings at least a week in advance. This will make sure that there's no confusion when you visit the parlour and will save your time as well. Booking an appointment may not be possible during very busy days.

Be on time for your appointment.

If you've booked for a treatment, make sure you are punctual. Though a five-minute delay is okay, running late by half an hour to one hour for your appointment is not acceptable. Not only will it affect your therapy but the subsequent therapies as well, thereby inconveniencing both you and the salon. 

Time management.  

The best way to ensure that you enjoy your therapy is by managing your time well. Don't schedule an appointment when you know you are in a hurry. Instead, save the visit to the salon for when you are completely free and can spend time at the salon. Afternoons are usually when most salons are empty. 

Speak politely to the staff.  

In case there is a problem with your treatment or you do not approve of the services by the salon or by a particular therapist, there is no need to shout and create a ruckus. Instead, you can politely talk it out with the staff members and ensure that they work towards providing you with a comfortable service. 

Keep your phone on silent mode.  

To enjoy your therapy and let others enjoy theirs as well, be considerate enough to keep your phone on silent or vibration mode when undergoing a therapy. The constant buzzing of the phone may disturb and discomfort others who are getting their treatment done around the same time as you.

Do not talk loudly on phone.

Anywhere you go, there's likely to be someone having a phone conversation in public that should have been kept private. This all becomes a lot more awkward when that setting is the salon. Avoid talking loudly and for long duration when you are inside a salon, while waiting for your turn or getting the services done. You may use texting or email services instead. If you really have to talk about something urgent, make it brief or do that outside the salon so that others don’t get disturbed.

Be vocal about what you want.  

There have been many times when customers, while getting their hair cut, don't speak up about the kind of style they want, etc, and once the hair cut is done, blame the stylist for messing it up. To avoid such situations, it is always best to let the stylist know what you have in mind, rather than letting her do what she/he feels.

Monitor your kids, if you get them to the salon with you.

If you can't leave your child alone in the house, you can get your kid along with you to the salon. However, make sure that your child is at his/her best behaviour when at the salon. Often one will find little kids jumping around all over the salon, fidgeting with products or moving around the facial rooms, playing peek-a-boo. Not only is it inconvenient for other customers in the salon, it also stalls the service sometimes. 

Don't chit-chat when getting therapy done.  

People often have a habit of chit-chatting when a service is being done, either to a customer sitting along with them or on the phone. Instead salons offer magazines that you can read, or serve you with tea or coffee to keep you occupied.

Show your gratitude by tipping the beautician.  

At the end of your treatment, always make it a point to tip the beautician. Tipping is a custom that helps you appreciate the service provided to you by the salon's staff. Many a times, customers feel since they are paying a service tax or a service charge, they are not liable to give a tip. While one is not, giving away a tip only helps you strengthen your bond with the salon staff and ensure a good service every time around.