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If yes, let us know because we have special rates for haircuts for girls below 18!


Did you know that you are entitled to get a flat 25% discount on all our salon and spa services on your birthday? 

Just show us a proof of your DOB to claim it!


Avail Rs.5000+ worth services and get 5% discount! 

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We understand and appreciate the choice you make every time you visit us. We believe that entrusting us with your personal services and remaining a loyal guest of Acua deserves a little something special.

We are proud to announce Aqua cashback program. Enrollment in this program is automatic and absolutely free! So you don’t have to do a thing but reap the rewards each time you visit Acua for a service!

  • Earn cashback worth Rs.5/- on every Rs.100/- you spend in Acua and redeem it against services done on your next visit! You can also accumulate your cashbacks and redeem later.

  • Earn cashback worth Rs.250/- for every positive review you post about your experience with us on Google.

  • Earn cashback worth Rs.250/- when you like us on Facebook.
    • Earn cashback worth Rs.250/- when you follow us on Instagram

    • Earn cashback worth Rs.250/- when you refer a new guest to Acua and they complete their first visit. (Newly referred guests must provide us with your name and number when booking their first appointment so that we can top up your wallet with the cashback. Minimum bill amount of the new guest should be Rs.250/-)


Deals may be revised / removed without prior notice.